KD-RS5 Tissue Slide Stainer

Zipper closure 1/5 zip athletic pullovers for men. Stretchy, lightweight, fast-drying fabric for superior performance. REGULAR FIT - US standard sizes. An athletic fit that sits close to the body for a wide range of motion, designed for optimal performance and all day comfort. FEATURES - Quarter zip closure;Thumbholes on long sleeves to keep them in place during workout
Electronic Module design.the stainer meet requirements either conventional staining or special staining.for different laboratories.

And staining can achieve simultatously or individually for good effection.

Color Touch screen make date-in and search convenient,different staining programme and the progress displayed in the interface.

Staining programme started by color code,and it constantly shown on the Interface.

10 Sets programmes,10 pcs staining rack can be processed simultaneously,and any programme runs in anytime.

26 Reagent Station,two of them can be standby station.it optimize staining progress when several staining rack works simultaneously.

Staining rack enter and come out by up and down loading drawers.2 racks for upload,and 3 racks for download.

Mechanical arm reach at any station in 1 second at high speed.

Rising and Falling Frequency for staining rack can be set

Capacity of staining: 400pcs slides in one hour
Technical Specifications
Capacity of Staining Rack:30pcs slides

Loading Capacity:up to 10 different Racks for different programme(Continuous Loading)

Numbers of Station:36

Numbers of Reagent station:26

Numbers of Washing Tank:5

Capacity of Reagent Station:500ml

Numbers of Uploading:2

Numbers of downloading:3

Numbers of Programme:10

Touch Screen:10.4 inch colorful

Working Voltage: AC220V±10%,50/60HZ

Power Draw: 200W

Overall Dimension: 1050mm×615mm×590mm(W X D X H)

Net Weight:115kg