KD-BMIII, KD-BLIII, and KD-BC Tissue Embedding &Cooling System

KD-BMIII, KD-BLIII, and KD-BC Tissue Embedding &Cooling System

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Fully programmable computer control allows automatic system start and stop anytime (weekly);

The use of new silicon rubber heating elements achieves rapid even, reliable, energy saving heating;

Temperature is precisely measured by temperature-sensing integrated blocks made in USA, and is LCD-displayed with icons demonstrating current working status;

Five heated areas, including Paraffin Chamber, Paraffin Dispenser, left and right Thermal Storage Compartments, and heating plate (working area), are individually controlled and work independently without interference from each other.

Five temperature-control channels and multiple overheating protection mechanisms provide safe, reliable, and energy-saving protection;

Automatic memory and restoration functions: After startup, all preset temperature data are automatically stored in the system;

Flexible module configuration options through a design which separates the Cryo Module from Embedding Module, enabling easy maintenance;

Freezing temperature can be adjusted due to the use of a new-type inverter compressor;

The temperature of the cryo plate equipped with this system is controlled independently and can be used to freeze tissue more conveniently, particularly for small specimens;

Paraffin Chamber with super large capacity enables embedding a large number of specimens at same time;

Safe and reliable low-voltage illuminating system with two ON/OFF control options (finger or foot-operated);

Heated working plate and forceps wells make tissue embedding more convenient;

High-precision clock makes time setting more convenient and accurate.

There is an automatic actuation, can make sure the unit will continue working after a power-down.

Using the imported solenoid valve to help the Paraffin Dispenser to adjust the flow rate;

This unit set the control power socket, it can work with BL and BC and the same time.
Technical Specifications
Paraffin Chamber Capacity: 4 liters

Temperature Range of Forceps Wells: RT - 85℃

Temperature Range of Paraffin Chamber: RT - 85℃

Temperature Range of Thermal Storage Compartment: RT - 85℃

Temperature Range of Working Plate (hot plate): RT - 85℃

Temperature Range of Paraffin Dispenser: RT - 85℃

Temperature Range of Thermal Storage Plate: RT - 85℃

Temperature Control Precision: ±1%

Thermal Storage Compartment Capacity: 4.5 liters

Paraffin Flow Control: Paraffin flow control via finger touch plate and optional foot pedal

Fully programmable ON/OFF control allows automatic system start and stop anytime weekly 

Temperature Range of Cryo Module: RT  to -20℃

Temperature Setting of Cryo Module: the optimal working temperature is approximately -15℃, and the temperature is under delay protection

Dimensions of working plate ( BMIII ): 155×90mm

Dimensions of small cold plate (BMIII ): 60×50mm

Dimensions of Cryo Module ( BLIII ): 340×322mm

Working Voltage: AC 220V±10% 50Hz (standard model); AC110V±10% 60Hz

Power: 1000W (KD-BMⅢ), 300W (KD-BLⅢ), 180W (KD-BC)

670×590×445 mm (W×D×H) (KD-BMⅢ)
685×380×430 mm (W×D×H) (KD-BLⅢ)
620×380×425 mm (W×D×H) (KD-BC)

Net weight: 
33kg (KD-BMⅢ)  
26kg (KD-BLⅢ)  
15kg (KD-BC)